How to Do Your Math Homework Successfully

Doing homework in mathematics by learners is an important part of their studies. Since the knowledge learned in the lesson will simply be forgotten and the teacher’s efforts will be reduced to nothing if they are not consolidated after the lesson when they do their homework.

When doing a math assignment, you should follow common rules for doing homework.

  1. Homework must be done on the day it was received. Any material learned in class is quickly forgotten. Therefore, most of the work on the assimilation and consolidation in the memory of the studied material should be done on the day of its perception with subsequent repetition on the eve of the next lesson.
  2. Fulfillment of written assignments should begin with a repetition of theoretical material, i.e. with work on a textbook.
  3. Before start doing practical tasks, you should review the study cases that were solved in the classroom, and remember how they were solved and why. This technique helps students to establish a connection between homework and training exercises in the classroom, and quickly recall the specifics of solving tasks of this type.

Next, we offer to get acquainted with the techniques and sequences of actions that will help you in the individual solving of tasks in mathematics.

How to make a math answer plan

  1. Highlight the terms that need to be defined.
  2. Select the rules (theorems) that need to be formulated and proved.
  3. Select the definitions, rules, theorems, which need to be referred to in the proof.
  4. Compile a proof of the rule (theorem).
  5. Consider notations on the board during the response.
  6. Show where and how the rule or the theorem is applied.
  7. Make a conclusion.

General actions in control of problem solution:

  1. Verify that the condition is recorded correctly.
  2. Check the tour of the solving process, whether the technique is properly used.
  3. Check the correctness of the records and drawings.
  4. Check calculations.
  5. Investigate the solution, consider special cases.
  6. Tell briefly the course of solving the problem.
  7. It is useful to check the decision with a friend.

Tips in doing math writing homework:

  1. Read assignments, study them.
  2. Consider what rules and techniques should be applied for their implementation, using, if necessary, previous written work, general and particular methods of solving problems.
  3. If necessary, complete the task in whole or partly on a draft.
  4. Check one or another way of problem solution.
  5. Write the completed assignments into a notebook, observing the rules for conducting a notebook in math.

How to learn and remember the theorem:

  1. Read the theorem (in textbook or exercise book).
  2. Learn the content of the theorem.
  3. Learn the formulation of the theorem.
  4. Consider (if any) the drawing, learn it.
  5. Read the proof, justifying each stage, following the drawing.
  6. Repeat the proof.
  7. Make your own drawing.
  8. Prove with the help of the drawing the theorem by yourself.
  9. If necessary, check yourself by reading the proof again.
  10. Try to find another way to prove.

How to check the assimilation of the theorem:

  1. Check whether the formulation of the theorem is understood correctly.
  2. Prove the theorem by yourself.
  3. Check whether the known definitions and sentences are used correctly in the proof.
  4. Verify proper drawing.
  5. Revise the progress of the proof.
  6. Check whether you have achieved the goal.

Many students have a hard time learning mathematics. Some of them use the services of home tutors and others seek help from classmates. There are students who think that it is fine to use Internet services or simply pay someone to do math homework. Such methods give free time, but there is a risk of getting the ready-to-use work done incorrectly. Therefore, we recommend use well trusted and reputable Internet services only as an assistive device in preparing homework.

We are sure, if you follow the tips described above and listen to our advice on the use of modern technologies in doing homework in mathematics, the result will certainly be excellent.